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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I don't like going to Alva

Final: ALVA 53, CHISHOLM 16

Over the years I have learned that when we drive to Alva for a game, more than likely we are going to lose. . .I have seen so many bad calls over the years that it isn't even funny. . .Last night was just another to add to the list of them.

Now, Alva does have a good football team don't get me wrong. . .But how do you fumble a ball after the player is already down? First few minutes of the game. . .If you look at the stats below, they had tons and tons of penalties. . .and that's only the ones that they called. . .Would you like to know what they mostly are? Hitting in the back, unsportsmanlike conduct, and facemask. . .IT WAS HORRIBLE. . .I have seen a lot of cheap shots but our whole game was filled with them and if I was seeing them - IT WAS OBVIOUS - I'm usually the one asking what happened. . .

What makes this even worse was the fact that in one play alone WE HAD 3 PLAYERS DOWN - hurt! ! ! Every time Bud got the ball I would just cringe and tell him to hurry up and get rid of it (under my breath). . .He had his bell rung a few times and one of the trainers told me to ice his elbow when we got home. . .great. . .I'll be checking that out this morning. . .

Bud had a good game and I'm not the coach, but I think our score might have been higher if we had had more of a passing game. . .but, I probably ought to watch what I say because Bud could have really been hurt too. . .

The kids that go to school there made rude, nasty comments to one of the coaches wives (they didn't know she was the coaches wife) and she had a 2 year old walking with her. . .Then she went to the concession stand (which is on the home side) and their fans asked here why she was on their side! ! I DIDN'T SPEND A PENNY ON ANYTHING THERE EXCEPT MY WAY IN THE GATE. . .They can forget that! ! ! I know that I was never happier when a game was over and it wasn't just because we lost. . .

CHISHOLM 0 8 0 8 - 16

ALVA 19 14 20 0 - 53


Alva - Matt Sutter 2 run (Kick failed)

Alva - Trent Lanie 30 pass from Mitchell Gale (Derek Lohmann kick)

Alva - Sutter 1 run (Kick failed)

Alva - Jeremy Wiebener 10 pass from Gale (Lohmann kick)

Alva - Lanie 44 pass from Gale (Lohmann kick)

Chisholm - Blake Gillpatrick 1 run (Run good)

Alva - Lohmann 12 pass from Gale (Kick failed)

Alva - Sutter 5 run (Lohmann kick)

Alva - Lohmann 51 run (Lohmann kick)

Chisholm - Gillpatrick 3 run (Dowers pass from Gllpatrick)



First downs 16 20

Rushing 152 284

Passing 126 232

C-A-I 9-20-1 12-19-0

Punts 3-29 1-25

Fumbles 1-1 1-0

Penalties 4-25 8-80


At 8:49 AM, Blogger Pamela said...

Why do kids sports reduce people to amoeba's........

Did you smile real "purty" so they would wonder what you were up to?

At 12:34 PM, Blogger SongBird said...

Bummer. Our game had a lot of penalties called, too. I can't believe our QB situation. I don't know much about football at all, but I would say the guys who are supposed to protect the QB aren't doing their jobs since our QB's keep getting tackled and injured. Am I right? Isn't the QB supposed to be protected?!!

At 5:57 PM, Blogger Karmyn R said...

Seems like Alva needs to have a lesson in humility.

At 7:42 AM, Blogger Shauna said...

Pamela, I wasn't doing much smiling - lol. . .Guess I should've tho. . .

Yes, Songbird, the guys on the line are supposed to protect the QB. . .I'm sorry to hear that you have two kids out with injuries. . .That stinks! We had one get a really bad contusion from our game. . .

Karmyn - u are so right. . .I just hope that when basketball rolls around WE CAN HUMILIATE THEM and do it on the court - not nasty like they are. . .

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Silly Hily said...

Alva sounds like they need a lesson or two in hospitality and good sportsmanship. The kids and adults.


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