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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Am I Nuts?

Hey Look! Two Days in a Row! ! ! !

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning I am up at 5:15 and putting lunch together for at least one of my boys. . .Occasionally I do this the other 2 days of the work week too. Birddog tells me to either let the boys make their own lunches or make them the night before - but I guess I have always been a mother hen this way. Making the lunches the night before - YUCK - and, Birddog is a fine one to talk about making them make their own. . .When I'm not up that early I get to sleep in a whole hour and get up and make his lunch. . .

I'm not complaining because I love my family. . .I just get told a lot that I'm nuts for doing this. . .hehe. . .

Do other wives and mothers not get up and do this for their families?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's About That Time Again

Hey Everyone!

Long time no blog. . .I am soooo sorry. . .I thought once the kids were out of school for the summer things would slow down, but that sure didn't happen. :)

We will be moving Bud into his dorm room August 16th. You all should be so proud of me. I haven't cried yet! I guess maybe it is due to the fact that he has really grown up. He is ready for this. . .now, the day we move him in may be a different story! I will probably cry my eyes out!

Scoop starts school August 14th. He has taken his big bro's place as quarterback on the football team - and, he even took his #6. . .Isn't that neat? I know kinda silly but what can I say. . .

Birddog is trying to get started in a couple of different businesses. . .I know a couple - what about just one? He has an opportunity to finally bid on a sprinkler system job. . .We have temporarily named the business G.A.S.S. (our last name starts with G and the rest is Automatic Sprinkler Systems) Whatcha think? This was his first idea and he is researching HARD on boosting gas mileage. . .has compiled some materials and will hopefully begin experimenting soon.

I will continue to work my full-time job (yes!) and help out with the other one that I thought I had quit :) . . .Sometimes I am too nice. . .Oh well, I couldn't leave them hanging and the chick they hired to replace me was a spaz!

I hope to get back into my regular routine soon. . .Until then please keep checking back. . .

Monday, June 09, 2008

Here I AM! ! !

Hey everyone! I'm here! I have taken on a full-time job and still am trying to wein myself from the other. . .It has been CRAZY!

Bud is now a college freshman. He is offically enrolled and accepted at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Pre-pharmacy.

Scoop is a high school junior. They both still have girlfriends (which I would love to run off sometimes). . .Hehe. . .

When I have more time I will get pictures posted of Prom and Senior Pics. . .I have to get all of you updated. . . My babies have changed a bunch! ! !

We have been trying to re-roof the house and have had one fiasco after another - therefore, I must sign off for now. . .

Hope to be back soon!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Birddogswife Update

Hey all my long-lost blogging friends!

I am still among you - just been out of the link for a while. . .

We have been extremely busy! Bud has been accepted to Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, Oklahoma and in March we are going for Freshman Orientation and Fall enrollment. We have been filling out scholarship applications like crazy. . . One advantage to me being a recent graduate. :) - I still have all this in my head. . .

Scoop will play his last JV basketball game tonight.

Both the boys have girls. . . Bud still has Courtney on his arm and Scoop is courting another talented athlete - Tay.

Birddog and I are jumping through hoops to keep up with the boys. I am still working both my jobs - I just don't know which one I want to make full-time - both of them could be very easily.

Well, just wanted to update you. . .Bud will graduate May 19th if any of you would like to mark your calendar to come :) !

Hope to be back soon!

Friday, November 16, 2007

It's a House-Warming Shin-Dig!

Swampy is hosting this Shin-Dig for Julie and Tiger

Let's shower them with tons of fun gifts! ! !

Tiger I had no idea how much trouble BUT TONS OF FUN it would be finding things I thought you, Roger and the Offspring would enjoy. . .I hope I did okay!

Julie I had a very difficult time choosing. . .so, if money was no object I would shower you with the following gifts. . .I hope you and McD enjoy. . .

I hope you both enjoy all the wonderful gifts that you receive today. . .Happy Housewarming! ! !

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kid Update

Well, basketball is now underway. I love this game! Friday night the School has what is called "Hoopin' with the Horns". . .All of the basketball players are announced from Middle School through High School. . .then they have a parent vs. faculty ballgame to end the evening. . .It's usually a lot of fun.

We go back to the Dr. Saturday. . .Hopefully, Bud will be given the all clear - along with Scoop. . .don't know if I told ya our not - Scoop broke his elbow and pulled a ligament in his ankle at his ONE AND ONLY JV game - the Monday before our last football game. . . :(

So, Dr. Cruse - who is absolutely wonderful - has been asked by Birddog and I for a family discount - ya right :)

Bud was auctioned off for a date last night. . .There were 10 seniors auctioned. . .it was really a lot of fun. . .I didn't bid on my kid tho - I wanted to just so I could buy some time with him :)

The 10th we went to SWOSU for visitation. . . I think that is the school that Bud has chosen to attend. He will do his pre-pharmacy General Studies and then take the PCAT and apply for the
College of Pharmacy. . .I am so proud of him - it is really hard not to brag. . .He will also be graduating High School with 9 transferable college credit hours. . .

Anyway - we have one computer back that I have to get hooked back up. . .so maybe I will be able to blog more. . .

I miss you all!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Update

Hey all! Boy I have missed you!

Between my two jobs and my family I don't have much blog time. . .Both our computers at home have gone on the fritz. . .

Let me tell ya tho! My second job is awesome! And, talk about being appreciated. . .what a super boss. . .he tells me weekly how much he appreciates my work. . .

Birddog and I have been helping him remodel (he is building me my own office) and I will try to get pics posted.

Bud is back in the game. . .not as quarterback, but he is back in the game. . .Scoop is doing well too! The football team HAS TO WIN this Friday's game to be in the playoffs. . .I believe it has been like 5 or so years since that has happened. . .So, everyone is really pumped.

We are keeping busy. . .I hope to be able to be back more. . .Take care! ! !