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Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Update

Hey all! Boy I have missed you!

Between my two jobs and my family I don't have much blog time. . .Both our computers at home have gone on the fritz. . .

Let me tell ya tho! My second job is awesome! And, talk about being appreciated. . .what a super boss. . .he tells me weekly how much he appreciates my work. . .

Birddog and I have been helping him remodel (he is building me my own office) and I will try to get pics posted.

Bud is back in the game. . .not as quarterback, but he is back in the game. . .Scoop is doing well too! The football team HAS TO WIN this Friday's game to be in the playoffs. . .I believe it has been like 5 or so years since that has happened. . .So, everyone is really pumped.

We are keeping busy. . .I hope to be able to be back more. . .Take care! ! !