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Friday, April 13, 2007

It's Almost Here! ! !

I have begun the MEGA COUNTDOWN! ! ! 3 weeks tomorrow and I will be a college graduate. . .provided I get through these next few weeks without going goofy! ! ! (what? I was that way already? - hehe). . .

I have really missed blogging and visiting all of my blogging buddies sights - it won't be long and you will see me more often. . .

On Saturday, May 5th we are having a party and you all are invited to come help us celebrate! ! ! !

Now, other than school I have been doing my working, mothering, wifing, and of course cheering at all the baseball games plus helping work on After Prom - Prom is April 21st. . .You know, I love watching my boys, but 5 games a week with all the other to do is really tough! ! ! My boys are worn out and my washer needs a break! ! ! Coach got new uniforms this year and guess what - they are ALL WHITE - - - do you have any idea how hard it is to wash red socks, black long sleeve shirts and get stains out of white jerseys and pants in less than 8 hours? I normally have to wash the pants twice! It has been nuts! But o well - anything for the boys. . . .

Speaking of. some friends of mine took this picture of the boys during a game - It is probably one of my favorites - Bud is catching and Scoop is pitching - this is really cool for us - they finally play TOGETHER! ! ! !

If you all are interested in viewing more on the boys baseball please visit this website - http://pages.suddenlink.net/chsbaseball/. It shows there stats and has pics. . .I'm sure that you can figure mine out they are the only boys with the same last name :)

Hope to visit you again real soon! ! !