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Monday, July 31, 2006

My New Blog

Well, I've been blogging about a month now, but not very frequently. . .My friend, Julie, has hooked me up with blogspot. . .

Hopefully with this new site I will receive more comments and have a little more enthusiasm about posting to my blog. . .

As you can see, my S.O.S. - Spectator of Sports - I'm a mom with 2 boys that play football, basketball and baseball. My 2 boys PLUS my hubby, Birddog, are avid hunters - dove, quail, pheasant, deer, turkey, and anything else that may be legal to shoot, with a bow or a gun. I love to go and watch, and occasionally carry my own gun, and shoot pictures and spectate!

So as you can see, I have my days that I'm literally screaming S.OS.