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Friday, November 16, 2007

It's a House-Warming Shin-Dig!

Swampy is hosting this Shin-Dig for Julie and Tiger

Let's shower them with tons of fun gifts! ! !

Tiger I had no idea how much trouble BUT TONS OF FUN it would be finding things I thought you, Roger and the Offspring would enjoy. . .I hope I did okay!

Julie I had a very difficult time choosing. . .so, if money was no object I would shower you with the following gifts. . .I hope you and McD enjoy. . .

I hope you both enjoy all the wonderful gifts that you receive today. . .Happy Housewarming! ! !

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kid Update

Well, basketball is now underway. I love this game! Friday night the School has what is called "Hoopin' with the Horns". . .All of the basketball players are announced from Middle School through High School. . .then they have a parent vs. faculty ballgame to end the evening. . .It's usually a lot of fun.

We go back to the Dr. Saturday. . .Hopefully, Bud will be given the all clear - along with Scoop. . .don't know if I told ya our not - Scoop broke his elbow and pulled a ligament in his ankle at his ONE AND ONLY JV game - the Monday before our last football game. . . :(

So, Dr. Cruse - who is absolutely wonderful - has been asked by Birddog and I for a family discount - ya right :)

Bud was auctioned off for a date last night. . .There were 10 seniors auctioned. . .it was really a lot of fun. . .I didn't bid on my kid tho - I wanted to just so I could buy some time with him :)

The 10th we went to SWOSU for visitation. . . I think that is the school that Bud has chosen to attend. He will do his pre-pharmacy General Studies and then take the PCAT and apply for the
College of Pharmacy. . .I am so proud of him - it is really hard not to brag. . .He will also be graduating High School with 9 transferable college credit hours. . .

Anyway - we have one computer back that I have to get hooked back up. . .so maybe I will be able to blog more. . .

I miss you all!