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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Birddog, My Redneck Romantic

This past Saturday night Birddog and I used a Gift Certificate that several of our friends had gone together to purchase for my graduation at a Bed and Breakfast.

When I opened it I was just amazed and thought to myself, Birddog isn't gonna like this. He is not a romantic type. . .but that's okay - he's a wonderful hubby and daddy. :)

We booked this weekend so we didn't have to argue with Bud about him being 18 and able to stay home alone - Scoop and him were at a basketball camp - didn't that work out just perfect? :)

Anyway, Birddog and I went and watched the boys play a couple of games and went over to a casino nearby - we hadn't been to one since they have become so popular in our state. . .I wasn't impressed with the one we went to. I do have a question, this will tell you how often we go gambling, hehe - do you not put coins in the slot machines anymore? All of the machines took bills - there wasn't anywhere to put my nickels!

After about an hour we headed on our great adventure. . .We had looked at the website and had our choice of the Bed and Breakfast or cabins - and we chose the cabins. We haven't ever been to a Bed and Breakfast and Birddog just wasn't real sure about that.

Aaron's Gate is such a nice place. We would not have ever paid for something like this for ourselves - so THANK YOU AGAIN TO ALL OF OUR FRIENDS WHO PURCHASED THIS GIFT CERTIFICATE. . .

We stayed in the Copper Dove cabin. This place has five different cabin's and all of them are decorated different. They all have jacuzzi tubs, 2 person hot tubs, 2 person showers, dry saunas and kitchenettes. They are designed exclusively for ROMANCE. . .

They are built on a wooded lot with privacy in mind. . .Each cabin offers its own unique romantic spot. . .The Copper Dove had an armour that when the door was opened led to another door that took you outside to a small deck that was furnished with a small table and 2 chairs and there were also stairs that went to a small balcony (picture featured with couple drinking champagne) that had 2 chairs and a small table.

So here goes the romance. . .The minute you open the door to the Copper Dove to the left is the jacuzzi tub. . .my Birddog (gotta Love Him) - says, "What the hell is that doing right there?" Hehe. . .The bed was in a little nook to the right of the door and he didn't see it - he walked through the small living area and kitchenette to where I had dashed to go potty - so therefore the toilet and shower were located at the back of the cabin - - - yelling, "Where is the bed?" LOL - I thought to myself - oh boy - this is going to be interesting. . .

For a bit we just sat there not really knowing what to do. . .Finally we decided to go into town to eat dinner. . .I thought we were going to have to do something to get this kicked up - and be what it was supposed to be. . .I spotted a liquor store and suggested getting something for us to drink. . .Isn't that horrible? So we bought some wine and some Jack. . .Very good idea. . .We had a nice dinner. . .Stopped and picked up snack food (just in case) and headed back out. . .When we got back we got into the furnished robes and houseshoes and went out with drinks and sat and visited on the screened in porch. . .Finally we climbed into the dry sauna for a bit and finally Birddog came out of his shell a bit - showed me more romance that I have ever had from him in the 25 years that we have been a couple. ..

The next morning we got up and made the breakfast that was mixed up and ready to cook - heart shaped cut strawberries, waffles, fresh fruit in sauce, and a breakfast quiche. . .Absolutely WONDERFUL! ! ! We checked out right at the deadline. . . :)

My Birddog is a Redneck Romantic - but I guess that's better than nothing right?


At 10:57 AM, Blogger her indoors said...

what a wonderful gift to give so thoughtful. himself and birddog sound so alike in the romance department! glad you had a great time. and i have never been in a casino yet!
you got an award at my place!

At 11:52 AM, Blogger Debs said...

That sounds very nice. :)
I never been to a casino. Maybe someday. Great post!

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Shauna said...

Her Indoors - I had thought about adding the romance package to our get away but I knew that Birddog would just brush the rose petals off wondering what they were doing on the bed - so, instead I saved the $. . . .

Debs - It was nice. Thanks.

At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Karmyn R said...

Sounds like a great time - and hey, put a guy in a romantic spot and something is bound to happen, right?

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!!!


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